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The Maya Relief Foundation has been operating for over ten years helping the people in Guatemala.  They asked us to form an affiliated group to take over the filtered water and the Eco-stoves so they could focus on other pressing issues. 

The first meeting of the founding members of Women 2 Women met on February 28, 2013. Thirty  women showed up and embraced the goals of this new organization. We are a committed group who will follow the same guidelines as the Maya Relief Foundation.  100% of donations received goes into manufacturing and distributing these items to villages in Guatemala.  None of the members receive a salary and all members pay their own transportation if they choose to go to Guatemala.

We want to spread the word to our friends and families and hope to have 100 members by the end of the year.

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Can't wait to see videos here. What a wonderful organization.


This project really makes such a great impact in the lives of so many people, especially women and children. I love it!


I am so excited to become involved in this great work! I especially love the idea that this organization not only provides the people with filtered water and cleaner, fuel-efficient stoves, but it also empowers women to take control of and improve upon the quality of their lives.


Looks great Jerry. Will send some videos to post that will take visitors right to the villages in Guatemala. Leon